Sunday, December 16, 2012

Do The Right Thing.

The Connecticut shooting has brought up many questions. Why did twenty year old Adam Lanza decide to shoot his mother, and then shoot all those innocent children and teachers at the school where his mother had taught? What was going on in the shooters mind? One question that should be brought up is how he did it. Unfortunately this is a question that does not need answering, as the whole world knows exactly how he perpetrated these most heinous of acts. He just picked up the three guns fro his home, that his mother had purchased legally. One of which was a semiautomatic assault rifle. A gun that would be more at home in the scene of "The Terminator" rather than a class room.

So how will America react? They're doing the usual of course. Flying the flag at half mast, showing moving montages of parents with their children, finding heroes within the walls of the school, of which there was many. Obama is coming out and tearing up, governors, both Democrat and Republican, came out to condemn the shooting, but unfortunately and bizarrely their statements were more likely to mention prayer than gun laws.

This is all good and dandy, and makes for great emotive television, but they need to wake up and realize that all of this isn't going to stop it from happening again, and again, and again, as history has proven. Praying to that magic man in the sky isn't going to put a stop to gun related deaths. If that was the case surely America would have zero gun related deaths a year, as opposed to somewhere in the region of 10,000.

When the question of gun control comes into play many will suggest that America has gone too far. That there would be chaos, mainly from the right, if their oh so precious second amendment was questioned in any way. Well I say lets have a discussion on the matter and at least try. When you have people such as Bill O'Reilly asking "Why does this always happen in America?" and pointing towards mental health issues rather than the ridiculous gun laws in the country something is very very wrong. So come on America, do the right thing, not what you've done in the past, which thanks to horrible organisations such as the NRA has been closer to being the "Right" thing.

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